Halibut & Salmon Fishing Day Tours

Cruise ship fishing tours in Alaska

For cruise ship enthusiasts seeking a brief yet exhilarating taste of Ketchikan’s renowned fishing, Santa’s Choice Fishing Charters proudly presents our Day Tours. Designed with the time constraints of cruise ship passengers in mind, these expeditions offer a condensed yet thrilling fishing experience.

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned angler, our day tours provide the perfect opportunity to reel in the excitement, ensuring you make the most of your limited time ashore. Discover the essence of Alaskan fishing against the backdrop of your cruise ship adventure with Santa’s Choice Day Tours.

Best Options for Cruise ship passengers

The best options for most cruise ship guests are 4 hour ($250 per person) and 6 hour ($300 per person) salmon trips. These can be booked on your own from the book now button or feel free to give me a call. We can also do 4 hour halibut and 6 hour combination trips, but you will have to call for availability.

Salmon & Halibut fishing Prices

Pricing is based on a 4 guest minimum, groups smaller are welcome but pricing will cost more per person. For exact pricing feel free to Contact Us.

Four hour salmon

four hour halibut

six hour salmon

Six hour halibut

full day combo

Interested in multi-day charters?

Getting your fish Processed

For cruise ship passengers or single day tours, we recommend having your fish processed by either Cedars Lodge or Clover Pass Marina. Processing and freezing will cost approximately $2.50-$3.00 per pound of fileted fish, plus the cost of specialized fish shipping boxes.

These processing options will also help you calculate shipping costs, which must be overnight shipping, and will handle all shipping arrangements.
If you would like fish heads, eggs, carcasses, or your fish steaked, all processing will be through Clover Pass Marina.

Additional Fishing tour Costs

There will also be transportation costs and you must use a local taxi, uber, or shuttle service to get from your cruise ship to the state dock where our tours begin, and to return to your ship afterward.

An Alaska fishing license is also required. We highly recommend purchasing your license before your trip from the Alaska game and fish website. If you get a license please be sure to bring a copy with you.