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Multi-day fishing excursions in Alaska

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Santa’s Choice Fishing Charters as we present our exclusive Multi-day Excursion Tours. Your home away from home will be a spacious 3-bedroom unit, and you can enjoy the freedom to explore with a complimentary rental vehicle. Delight in daily 8-10 hour fishing expeditions, casting your line into the rich waters of Ketchikan for a truly immersive and rewarding experience.

The specific species we aim for during your Ketchikan fishing expedition will vary based on the season of your visit. Generally, our targets include King Salmon, Coho Salmon, and Pink Salmon. However, there’s the exciting possibility of encountering the robust Chum Salmon and the elusive Sockeye Salmon. Additionally, our charter provides opportunities for bottom fishing adventures, where you can reel in halibut and various other deep-sea creatures!


We have available a wonderful 3 bedroom (6 bed), 1 bathroom rental with a full kitchen, deck, and grill available for guests wanting a more extended fishing trip!

Enjoy your time in Ketchikan peacefully above the wonderful Knudson Cove Marina! Chest freezer included.


Our package also comes with the use of a vehicle for your transportation around the island. The vehicle will be waiting for you in the airport parking lot (after you cross on the ferry to the main island).

When your trip is over, you will take yourself to the airport and make sure the vehicle is cleaned and full of fuel and park it back in the airport parking lot.


Each day’s fishing tour will last approximately 8-10 hours, to get the most out of your time here. Processing costs are not included, but we can handle all arrangements to get your fish processed and ready to fly home.


Guests will be responsible for shopping for and preparing their own food, but with the included vehicle you can easily access one of Ketchikan’s main grocery stores; A&P, Safeway, and Three Bears.


We can clean, bag, and vacuum seal your fish for $3.00 per pound of fileted weight.This fish can then be stored in a chest freezer available in your rental lodge.

For all guests flying up for multiple days, we recommend flying fish boxes home as luggage because it is the most cost effective. If you would like your fish heads, eggs, or other carcass remnants packaged, then all processing will be done by Clover Pass Resort.

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2024 Pricing for Fishing Excursion packages

Lodging and vehicle included (prices are total for the group, not per person):
# Guests 2-Day, 3-Night 3-Day, 4-Night
2-4 $4,300 $6,300
5 $5,150 $7,575
6 $6,000 $8,850
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For pricing of trips any other length feel free to contact us.

We highly recommend purchasing your license before your trip from the Alaska fish and game website. If you purchase a license please be sure to bring a copy with you.